Let Skin Appeal be Your Beauty Advocate

At Skin Appeal…

use innovative techniques, technologies and a signature approach that enhances your unique beauty.

Our philosophy…

…is based on the belief that everyone has their own unique beauty and deserves to choose how that beauty is enhanced throughout life. We believe in empowering you with all the knowledge that you need to achieve your goals.

Whether your goal is to look younger, look more refreshed, treat a skin condition or age prevention, we have everything you need at Skin Appeal.

Our mission…

…is to provide you with exceptional customer service and results.

We are here to be your friend, partner and advocate throughout your life.

Enhance Your Unique Beauty

Laser Treatments

Our vast knowledge of the skin and how it works is used to customize treatments to meet your goals. . We offer revolutionary technology and treatment protocols using lasers and a wide variety of skin rejuvenation treatments to provide you with exceptional results.

Skin Rejuvenation

Experience highly effective, pharmaceutical-grade, natural, plant based skin care products for a skin transformation that you will love. Mikel Kristi Skin Care believes that healthy skin is beautiful skin!

Fillers & Wrinkle Relaxers

We are the most highly trained injectable experts and anti-aging specialists. We prefer a natural look that will leave everyone wondering why you look so amazing, but never know why. Unless, of course, you choose to share your secrets. We consider the approach to aging gracefully to be an art and will approach you with that artful eye to help you fulfill your goals.

Body Sculpting & Toning

Get the body of your dreams with our wide variety of cutting edge treatment options to firm, tone, sculpt, reduce fat and smooth anywhere on your body.

Health & Wellness Products

Look great, Feel Amazing. Our anti-aging specialists will help boost your longevity, energy, well-being and immunity with a customized program.

Internal Health/Wellness

Body Treatments

Personalized Injectables

Enhanced Skin Rejuvenation

Daily Skin Care/Facials

Skin Appeal’sFoundational 5 of Anti-Aging

At Skin Appeal, we believe that to look your best, feel your best and to age gracefully needs more than just skin-deep approach.

We utilize our foundational five concepts to create a personal plan for your anti-aging journey long-term. With this plan, we will help you reverse age and then teach you how to continue your anti-aging enhancements and prevention for ongoing improvement and results.

You can look as refreshed, natural and youthful as you choose throughout life.


EMSCULPT NEO® is the only procedure to help both women and men build muscle and sculpt their fat at the same time.

The original EMSCULPT® created the world’s first non-invasive abdomen sculpting and buttock toning procedure.

Now the new EMSCULPT NEO® can treat more areas and eliminate up to three inches of circumferential fat permanently.

Our Mission is to empower YOU to feel your most confident and beautiful in your skin!

Your Beauty Advocate

A No-Nonsense Guide to Age Defying SkinCare Products and Procedures by Christy Hall, PA-C, MPAS is your roadmap to healthy skin and glowing confidence, no matter your age or skin condition.