Common Intervention Fears

1 month 2 weeks


There is a lot of inaccurate information out there about aesthetic medicine and skincare. And I have to say, I am surprised by some of the things people believe. Here are some of the most common fears that I hear when doing consultations in my office.

Fear #1: Someone will know I had “work done.”

Why is getting this kind of work done any different than getting your hair done? It’s time to change this thinking. And...

Skin Rejuvenation Treatments

2 months 3 weeks

We all want smooth, radiant and youthful skin, but there are so many choices in skin rejuvenation treatments that it can be confusing. All lasers, light treatments, radiofrequency (RF), and ultrasound (US) therapies help the skin to fight aging in a similar fashion. They all stimulate collagen production in the dermis. Many of these skin rejuvenation procedures create “controlled” trauma to the skin through heat. This activates the body’s repair mechanisms to heal and produce more collagen than before. Much like the way that working out at a gym causes a healthy dose of inflammation...


3 months 3 weeks

Aging is an interesting journey of trials, tribulations, jubilations and growth; and, with all that wisdom, comes wrinkles.  What if you could age as you wish and enjoy the wisdom without all the wrinkles and saggy skin? The secret here is to start when you’re young.  But don’t worry if you are starting later in life, there’s still hope.

What skin changes happen as we age?

Understanding what is happening during the aging process, gives you the knowledge of how to prevent and reverse the signs of aging. 



4 months 4 weeks

Any gifted practitioner knows that facial beauty ideals are based on mathematical ratios. The Golden Ratio, or Phi (1:1.618 of any two parts of an object) was discovered by the Greeks to be ideal and very pleasing to the eye. This pattern occurs throughout nature and can been seen in the markings on penguins and moths, in the growth patterns of flower petals, the shapes of seeds, and the spiraling patterns of sea shells, to name a few. The same principles are applied to the features of our face and body.

As we age, these ratios change due to bone, fat, and muscle deterioration...

The Secrets to Ageless Skin

5 months 4 weeks