A Simple Guide to Treating Your Specific Skin Care Needs: Skincare Product Edition

By Savannah McLaughlin, LE, CLT

We live in an age where being a consumer is extremely difficult. Especially in the market of skincare. Social media creates targeted ads for skincare products they think you’ll like based on your search history. Influencers make posts about skincare brands they have been paid to advertise and try to convince you to use certain products without having a background in skincare at all. Most of all, some skincare lines make false claims to draw you in to using their product when they don’t even have the ingredients or formulations to back up their claims. With so many lines and products on the market now, it can be extremely overwhelming to choose the right products that are not only effective, but also formulated with safe ingredients. 

Don’t you wish you just had a licensed skincare professional to tell you exactly what you needed for your specific concern? Well look no further! I’m a Licensed Aesthetician with 5 years of experience in the industry, and I’m going to break it down for you! Here are the products YOU need from Skin Appeal. We carry ethical, medical grade skincare proven to treat a multitude of skincare concerns, including Mikel Kristi, SkinMedica, Xtetic, EltaMD and Colorescience.