Aging Gracefully: The Secret’s to Looking Refreshed Now and Throughout Life

By Christy Hall PA-C, MPA

Aging gracefully is about treating all layers of the skin consistently. Having just turned 50 and feeling great about my looks and my skin, I know that the last 20 years of implementing these methods has played a monumental role in helping me to age as gracefully as I want. Many of my patients have been with me for much of that time as well and I am very happy to say that they look amazing. I love to share this knowledge and I want all of you to be able to age as gracefully as you choose. So, here are the secrets.

First of all, think of your skin in 3 distinct layers: the surface, the deeper skin and under the skin. Understanding this will help you make the best choices in choosing treatments to achieve your goals. Ultimately for aging gracefully, you need to be working on all 3 layers consistently throughout life.

The Surface of the Skin

This is where skin care products come into play.  The purpose of skin care products is to improve your skin’s natural function.  Think of a child’s skin that never needs any skin care to be firm, supple, hydrated and smooth.  Young skin is undergoing constant exfoliation to get rid of dead skin cells and produce its own moisture.  Young skin is also constantly growing its own collagen to stay smooth and firm.  These natural functions start to change in your teenage years and only worsen with age.  With these changes you may notice dullness, dryness, clogged pores, skin sensitivity, wrinkles and sagging.   

The great news is that we know that using the right ingredients in the right strengths (medical grade, not over the counter) can revert your skin back to its youthful function. With Mikel Kristi Skincare, it has been my mission to deliver safe, medical grade ingredients in products that work. Our serums (Vital A, Vital C and Bio Peptide) are the “medicines” that improve your skin’s function, health and vitality. I have worked with all major medical skin care brands and Mikel Kristi for myself and my patients has by far been exceedingly successful in delivering results that we love. Get started today with a Zinc Oxide SPF like Elta MD or ColorScience and Mikel Kristi Serums and love the skin you’re in!

The Deep Skin

Skincare products can only do so much to reverse deeper skin damage. No matter how great we are with our skincare routine, we live in harsh environments indoors and out with light damage from sun, computers, phones and TV. This is where deeper skin treatments become part of your anti-aging journey. If you can do a more aggressive treatment on your skin 2-6 times per year, your skin will age gracefully. There are a multitude of treatment choices, all with their own benefits to choose from. Mix it up and try different treatments and find your favorites or better yet combine treatments to five-fold results. Here are some treatment options from superficial to deep (the deeper, the more anti-aging benefit):

Chemical Peels: Superficial skin brightening and exfoliation. Combine with BBL or Aerolase to enhance results. Micropen Microneedling: Even skin tone, shrink pores and brighten skin. BBL (Broadband Light): The next generation of IPL. Scientifically proven to reverse and prevent skin aging. Even skin tone, erase redness and shrink pores. Add BBL Skin firming. Best of all there’s no downtime! Virtue RF Microneedling: Radiofrequency (RF) skin firming. Add Exilis RF and Ultrasound to boost skin tightening. Halo Laser: My favorite laser of all time! Comes with BBL. Halo/BBL evens skin tone, firms skin, shrinks pores. Add Neogen to areas for extra tightening like eyes, neck, or perioral. Neogen Plasma Resurfacing: Best with Halo. Remodels skin collagen for smoothing and firming. Comes with BBL to even skin color. Having performed over 20,000 skin rejuvenation treatments, I only choose treatments for my patients that are safe and effective. My personal favorites for myself are Halo with Neogen once a year for an aggressive skin firming treatment and then BBL with BBL firming every 2-3 months.

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Under the Skin

Most people think that skin sagging happens because of collagen loss in the skin but, this is not true.  Most sagging comes from bone and fat loss from normal aging under the skin.  This is why you can’t do a skin firming treatment to dramatically lift the face.  Under the skin bone and fat loss changes create sagging brows, under eye circles, drooping mouth and jowls.  These changes, unfortunately, make us look tired. To look your most refreshed and to prevent these changes with age, dermal fillers are needed.  Dermal fillers with an experienced and artistic injector can look very natural.  If you can incorporate dermal fillers into your anti-aging journey 1-3 times per year, then you will look younger as you get older and age very gracefully. 

Having injected over 45,000 syringes of dermal filler, I am one of the most experienced injectors and trainers in the USA.  I have taken my knowledge and expertise and trained Melanie, NP to be an outstanding artistic injector as well. 

We take pride in delivering natural looking results that you will love!

To sum it all up, treat all 3 layers of the skin consistently:

  1. Mikel Kristi Serums + Zinc Oxide SPF daily
  2. Skin Rejuvenation with laser, peel, BBL or RF 2-6 times per year
  3. Dermal Fillers 1-3 times per year

We understand that everyone has different goals and budgets for themselves. We really just want to empower you to age as gracefully as you choose and to help you look and feel your best throughout life. We are here to help you figure out the best options for you and this plan can be implemented on any budget and at any age.  Call today for your complimentary consultation and get started on your graceful aging journey! 520-261-SKIN (7546)