Any gifted practitioner knows that facial beauty ideals are based on mathematical ratios. The Golden Ratio, or Phi (1:1.618 of any two parts of an object) was discovered by the Greeks to be ideal and very pleasing to the eye. This pattern occurs throughout nature and can been seen in the markings on penguins and moths, in the growth patterns of flower petals, the shapes of seeds, and the spiraling patterns of sea shells, to name a few. The same principles are applied to the features of our face and body.

As we age, these ratios change due to bone, fat, and muscle deterioration causing the loss of the facial contours. The shape of your face changes from the “triangle of youth” to the “pyramid of aging” as seen in the picture below.  The art of aesthetic volume replacement requires restoring these contours to bring balance, symmetry, and proportion back to the face for a more natural and refreshed look.

Using the Golden Ratio, we analyze the face in horizontal thirds, and vertical fifths.

  • Vertical fifths: Distance between eyes equals the width of nostrils which equals the width of eye which equals the width of lateral face to lateral eye.
  • Horizontal thirds: the length of nose equals the length of lower face (nose to chin) which equals the length of upper face (mid-brow to hairline)


  • We also use the phi ratio to determine other details like the size of the lips, the distance between the nose and the upper lip, the position of the eyebrows, the angle of the nose tip, the width of the mouth, the placement of the apple of the cheek and so forth.

We each have our own unique way we fill out this Phi equation, and an excellent practitioner with an artistic eye can restore and enhance your individual beauty with a natural look.

In addition to understanding the Golden Ratio to beauty, it is also important for your practitioner to know how to create the changes needed. This is where technique and experience become critical. To have the most natural, balanced result, the entire face needs to be addressed; otherwise, you may never achieve the look you want nor be completely satisfied. Knowing how much filler to place in each area and at what depth to place the filler are important factors to a favorable outcome. The amount of filler that you will need depends on your age and your desired outcome. If you are in your 20s or early 30s, you may only need a few syringes of filler. If you are starting later in life, you will likely need several syringes to achieve a refreshed, more youthful appearance.

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