Skin Rejuvenation Treatments

We all want smooth, radiant and youthful skin, but there are so many choices in skin rejuvenation treatments that it can be confusing. All lasers, light treatments, radiofrequency (RF), and ultrasound (US) therapies help the skin to fight aging in a similar fashion. They all stimulate collagen production in the dermis. Many of these skin rejuvenation procedures create “controlled” trauma to the skin through heat. This activates the body’s repair mechanisms to heal and produce more collagen than before. Much like the way that working out at a gym causes a healthy dose of inflammation and microtears to the tissue to build stronger muscle, these therapies bulk up your dermis by stimulating it to repair at an accelerated rate.

Again, the best course of action to take largely depends on how deep your damage is currently. But generally, for skin that is well maintained with excellent skincare, you can expect to look at it like visiting the dentist. Your daily routine with amazing products is like brushing your teeth. Medical grade facials are like getting your routine dental cleaning at the dentist.
Then 3-4 times a year, you should really pull out the big guns (lasers, lights, RF, US, and other skin rejuvenation procedures) like you would when whitening or repairing your teeth for the ultimate anti-aging and healthy skin routine.

How to choose your treatment:

Choose based on the result you desire. Do you need only to even out skin discolorations? Do you need deep wrinkle reduction? Do you need pore reduction? Do you need skin tightening and lifting? Many times we can do combination treatments to treat multiple different issues at once.

Brown spots on the skin, also known as age spots or liver spots, are caused by photodamage from the sun. Once the discolorations have occurred, it is difficult to remove or lighten them completely with skin lightening creams or serums. Laser and Photofacial Light treatments are the easiest and most effective treatments to even and brighten the skin. My favorite treatments are the Sciton Forever Young BBL and Halo Laser .

BBL (broad band light) is a photofacial light treatment that reduces and erases redness, broken blood vessels and brown spots from the skin with no down time. This treatment is referred to as “Forever Young” based on a Stanford University study that showed consistent treatment with photofacials keeps “the genes of youth” turned on to stimulate collagen and elastin growth.

Halo laser treatment not only erases brown spots from the skin but also smooths fine lines and wrinkles with mild to moderate healing time.

For wrinkle reduction, deep collagen stimulation is needed to rejuvenate the skin. My favorite treatment for wrinkle reduction is our Neogen Plasma Resurfacing. This is the newest technology in skin resurfacing. It offers the results of the old school CO2 or Erbium laser resurfacing treatments with significantly less healing time, less pain and more safety. The plasma energy safely stimulates collagen production to smooth fine lines and deeper wrinkles. Your skin will look significantly smoother 2-3 weeks after treatment, but, even better 12 months after treatment. That’s right, these results continue to improve for 12 months.

For crepey and saggy skin, our Lift Package Treatment with Vivace radiofrequency (RF) microneedling and Exilis Ultra RF and ultrasound (US) skin tightening is the best. This combination of energies provides more lift than other modalities on the market and there’s no healing time. We recommend a series of 3-4 treatments at 4-6 week intervals. Vivace RF microneedling is very different than traditional microneedling. Vivace uses microneedles to deliver RF or electromagnetic energy deep into the skin to stimulate collagen production while protecting the outer layer of skin. This helps firm and lift the skin in addition to minimizing pores and fine lines. Exilis Ultra is the only device of its kind using RF and US energy simultaneously to deliver these highly effective energies deep into the skin to lift and tighten. These treatments can be used anywhere on the body for crepey skin and skin tightening.

A combination of any of these treatments can enhance the results of any one of these by 5 fold. For the ultimate skin rejuvenation, a combination of BBL, the Lift Package and Neogen Plasma Resurfacing is ideal. With Halo or Neogen treatments, we offer BBL at no additional cost to you to optimize your results.

For your best skin, doing a more aggressive treatment like Halo, Neogen or the Lift Package once a year is ideal. Then doing something less aggressive every 3-4 months in between will keep your skin from aging. I love Aerolase or BBL for the in-between maintenance for the no downtime. Aerolase and BBL not only stimulate collagen production but they minimize the discolorations of red and brown from our intense sun in AZ.

After any treatment, it’s important to maintain the results with a proper skin care regimen. Make sure you wear SPF 30+ sun protection with zinc oxide daily. I recommend Elta MD, Skinceuticals or ColoreScience. You will also need at least basic skincare to exfoliate, protect and stimulate collagen production. This can be achieved with only our Mikel Kristi Vital A Rejuvenating Serum or even better our Core Collection. We offer our 90 Day Challenge Packages at significant discounts to afford you all your skincare needs in addition to your skin rejuvenation treatment of choice.

For our best recommendations for your skin and desired results, call us today for a complimentary consultation.