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With concerns about brown spots and sun damage, we want to focus on skin texture and color with treatments such as lasers that can remove discoloration or microneedling and peels that can help the skin renew itself. Any skin rejuvenation treatment should be accompanied with skin care products that will help to promote collagen stimulation, skin radiance, and protect from environmental damage that can prematurely age the skin. 


Mikel Kristi Skin Care Core or Melasma Collections

Daily skin care is important maintenance for improving skin health, evening skin tone and anti-aging.  Our goal is to improve your skin’s natural function with collagen promotion, natural exfoliation and moisture balance with skin care products to reveal and maintain supple, radiant skin. 

Mikel Kristi Custom Facials

A relaxing, yet anti-aging facial customized to meet your needs. With gentle exfoliation, pore cleaning, anti-aging serum infusion and a spa-like massage, you and your skin will look instantly refreshed. 

Vi Peel Chemical Peels

A specialized blend of exfoliating ingredients to deep clean pores, even skin tone, exfoliate away dead skin cells, and promote collagen production.


A specialized peel with intensive corrective ingredients to even skin pigmentation and promote collagen production for smoothing. 

Micropen Microneedling

Precise, controlled micro punctures into the dermis to stimulate collagen production along with infusion of anti-aging serums and skin brighteners for skin smoothing and brightening. 

BBL Photofacial

A photofacial light treatment that helps minimize photodamage, redness, broken blood vessels and brown spots while simultaneously promoting collagen production and decreasing inflammation for significant anti-aging. 

Halo Laser

From our soft, lighter treatment to our regular Halo. The only laser that offers fractional erbium resurfacing and non-ablative skin tightening to even skin tone and discolorations while promoting collagen production to dramatically smooth and firm skin texture. 

Sciton Laser Resurfacing

From a series of lighter laser peels with the Nano Laser to deeper skin resurfacing with Microlaser Peel and Contour Laser Resurfacing  for significant skin smoothing, firming and brightening. 

Neogen Nitrogen Plasma Resurfacing

Delivers controlled heating to the demis to promote significant collagen production for smoothing skin texture and tightening. 

Great Combinations

BBL with Halo, Neogen or Sciton Laser Resurfacing


  • Healthy and Radiant Skin
  • Even skin tone
  • Protect and maintain healthy skin

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