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Emtone Skin Tightening and Cellulite Treatment is the only treatment that delivers mechanical and thermal energy at the same time to reduce all factors that create the appearance of cellulite. Over 90 percent of women struggle with this harmless yet confidence-busting condition, and many men do as well. During your treatment, radiofrequency energy is directed from the tip of the treatment device to the skin, warming the skin to 42 – 44 degrees Celsius (108 – 11 degrees Fahrenheit). At this precise temperature, collagen begins to undergo structural changes that are key to rejuvenating the skin.

Emtone is performed in a series of 4 – 6 treatments for best results. 

How Emtone Works

Most women will notice cellulite at some point in their lives and it does not only affect those who are overweight. Many slender people struggle with cellulite, which is caused by many factors. Skin laxity happens to everyone and is caused by aging, genetics, sun damage, and collagen and elastin loss. Emtone Skin Tightening and Cellulite Treatment helps with both cellulite and skin laxity, providing clients with smoother, more toned, and youthful-looking skin.

Emtone Skin Tightening and Cellulite Treatment can treat any part of the body and addresses the five key causes of cellulite dimples including loss of skin elasticity from deteriorating elastin and collagen fibers, enlarged fat chambers, poor blood flow, fluid and metabolic waste retention, and the fibrous bands that pull down the skin and cause fat to bulge.

Emtone emits acoustic waves that disrupt and stimulate the skin, which improves circulation and discourages fluid collection that can exacerbate bumpy cellulite appearance.

Combining targeted pressure energy with radiofrequency allows a degree of results that cannot be achieved by either technology alone. This FDA-cleared treatment is a quick, non-invasive in-office treatment that offers results you will love. As a non-surgical procedure, there is no downtime or recovery.

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Emtone Treatment Benefits

In the weeks and months following your treatment, new collagen growth is kick-started and that means you’ll start seeing skin that is visibly more toned with less laxity and a reduced appearance of cellulite. Emtone has many benefits, including:

  • Use it on many areas including the abdomen, upper arms, front of the thighs, inner thighs, love handles, buttocks, and back of the thighs
  • Enjoy optimal results with just 4 – 6 treatments, on average
  • Tighten skin and reduce cellulite dimples
  • Emtone is 64% more effective than a standalone treatment for encouraging elastin production and 59% more effective than standalone therapies for helping to produce more collagen
  • It boasts a 90% client satisfaction rating

Brief Overview


Emtone By BTL


Cellulite, Skin Laxity, Crepey Body Skin

Suitable for:


Treatment Time:

15-30 minutes depending on the area

Healing Time:


Treatment Prep:

HydrationVERY IMPORTANT to optimize results. To achieve the best hydration, we recommend drinking 100-128oz of water daily before and during entire treatment process. Add electrolyte tabs to your water for better hydration.


$450 & up per treatment. Packages available


4-6 months

Signature Combinations:

Emtone with Emsculpt NEO, Sculptra, Slender, Silhouette, Vanquish ME










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