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Lumenis LightSheer Hair Removal

What is it?

There’s nothing better than not having to shave every day! Traditional methods for hair removal included plucking, shaving, waxing, electrolysis and chemical depilatories. Some are painful, some are messy, all of them are time consuming and costly.

LightSheer® is a permanent hair reduction solution based on clinically proven diode laser technology. LightSheer is comfortable and effective. It features Two cutting-edge technologies for permanent hair reduction, for all skin types.

LightSheer® uses a state-of-the-art diode laser technology with a wavelength of either 805nm or 1060nm. A precise laser pulse targets the hair follicle while leaving the skin unharmed.

Today, diode laser is the most commonly used technology for hair removal, enabling safe and effective treatment of all skin and hair types.

High-Speed Vacuum Assisted technology for large treatment areas, requiring no prep and no gel

ChillTip™ Sapphire integrated cooling for smaller more delicate treatment areas

Who can benefit?

Anyone with unwanted brown, dark brown or black hair. Hair lasers will not treat red, blond or gray hair.

LightSheer laser hair removal treatments are not suitable for everyone and carry some risks. LightSheer is not suitable when you have active infections or inflammations, viral/fungal/bacterial disease, active cold sores, open lacerations or abrasions in the treatment area.

Risks may include: change in skin pigmentation, changes to skin texture, or burns. Be sure to consult with your treatment provider before choosing this treatment.

For darker skin types, we recommend a test area prior to treatment.

For best results, untanned skin is optimal.

What areas can be treated?

Any area on the body can be treated. Common areas are upper lip, chin, underarms, bikini, Brazilian, legs and arms. We offer ½ body and full body treatment packages as well.

How long do results last?

Results can be permanent. However, with aging and hormone changes, hair growth can vary. For areas such as the face, which can be more hormonally influenced, we recommend maintenance treatments 2-3 times a year.

Brief Overview


Lumenis LightSheer


Unwanted Hair

Suitable for:

All Skin Types. Best for brown or black hair.

Treatment Time:

15-30 minutes

Healing Time:

None, possible follicular irritation for a few days.


$50 & up


6-12 treatments at 4-8 week intervals

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