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Experience Highly Effective, Medical Grade Skin Care without the harshness of chemicals. Watch your skin transform in 90 days: Use the mikel kristi Core Product Starter Kit for smoother, healthier, more radiant skin! Exclusively available at Skin Appeal, this core kit of full-size products includes:

     Mikel Kristi Photo Nutrient Rejuvenating Skin Swipes     Mikel Kristi Growth Factor Skin Serum     Mikel Kristi Vital A Skin Serum   Mikel Kristi Bio Peptide Hydrating Skin Lotion

mikel kristi Purifying Botanical

Gentle and unscented foaming botanical gel with the very potent anti-inflammatory wild daisy extract. For all skin types, especially dry and sensitive/sensitized skin. Perfect for daily use and excellent pre/post treatment for all skin types.

mikel kristi Rejuvenating Swipes

Using the swipes after a thorough evening cleanse and just prior to the application of any of our serums boosts the efficacy of the serums.

mikel kristi Bio Peptide Revitalizing Serum

Revitalize and assist in the skin’s natural repair functions. Skin will look smoother and brighter. Studies show that daily use of growth factors stimulate collagen production and prevent DNA changes from the environment.

(Formerly known as Growth Factor Serum)

mikel kristi Vital A Rejuvenating Serum

There is no better topical agent for anti-aging than an effective vitamin A. Retin-A and Retinol are the most well known; however, many don’t like using them because of the amount of irritation they cause. A very effective alternative is retinaldehyde as in our Mikel Kristi Vital A Serum. Retinaldehyde penetrates the skin to the living layer or dermis without any skin irritation or sensitivity to stimulate healthy collagen production and reverse abnormal DNA changes for skin cancer prevention. Skin looks smoother, healthier and more radiant.

mikel kristi Bio Peptide Hydrating Lotion

This luxurious ultra-light botanical lotion firms, brightens, and rejuvenates as it deeply balances and protects the skin's natural moisture barrier. The multiple actions of our potent plant derived complex hydrates and significantly improves the skin's texture synergistically. The potent peptides in this solution combat aging induced by both environmental and emotional stress.


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